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Welcome to Active Life Physiotherapy 

Our Story:

Active Life Physiotherapy was born out of the idea to empower individuals to be active in life over their life span.  Heather King started the clinic in 2007 in North Vancouver, with a colleague, in a community centre fitness setting.  The clinic provided high quality, focused care with extended appointment visits so treatment was provided free of the usual rush.   Over the years the team grew to include other Physiotherapists, a Dietitian and a Mental Performance Consultant to provide a more comprehensive and holisitic approach to honour and fully embrace the body and mind connection.

In 2014 Active Life Life Physiotherapy opened an office in Canmore as clinic owner, Heather King, was drawn to the sunshine and Rocky Mountains.  The Bill Warren Centre provides a similar model of the clinic in North Vancouver for the local Bow Valley and surrounding community. The centre provides space for private consultations and a bridge into the community fitness centre to support success in the rehaliitatioin journey - and empower healthy intelligent movement. 

Why Choose Active Life Physiotherapy?

  • Undivided individual attention and unhurried healthcare.
  • Thorough and comprehensive assessments as well as research-based treatment plans.
  • Highly skilled physiotherapists and allied health professionals - each with extensive experience.
  • Personalized exercise prescriptions with online support so you can leave your session knowing what to do next so you get the most out of your rehabilitation.

  • Variety of treatment options including exercise therapy, manual therapy, electrical modalities, acupuncture, client education and video conference options with our partner Cloud Go Health
  • Access to full fitness facility.
  • Group Physiotherapy coaching to support your success. 

What People are Saying: 

"I live a very active lifestyle for sure. After my soccer injury, the Active Life Physiotherapists provided me with the kind of care that allowed me to return to my daily activities as soon as possible. Their unique booking system meant that I always had one-on-one attention for the entire session.” 
- Darrell Mussatto, Mayor, City of North Vancouver

"Discovering Active Life Physio has changed my view of physiotherapists. The Active Life clinic philosophy isn’t just about how many patients they can serve in the shortest period of time, they focused on me and what they needed to do to get me to a point where I wouldn’t need them anymore.  I would have no hesitation recommending Heather and team to family or friends, knowing they will be in the best hands.” 
- Pam Bailey, Senior Executive Assistant, Vancity Enterprises

“I came, I got treated, and man can I run fast now!”
- Arik Garber, Half-marathon runner, President & COO of Securiguard Services

"You're too good at what you do - we're all fixed!"
- Jane Webb, Entrepreneur and Owner of Bra-g Company

“This year marked a milestone for me: it was the first year in decades that I did not suffer one of the painful and debilitating muscle spasms that used to occur every few months. I attribute this improvement entirely to the treatment regimen at Active Life Physio. Since a series of other health care practitioners had previously failed to provide any improvement, I had actually resigned myself to having to live with the problem for the rest of my life. Thanks to Active Life Physiotherapy my life is much better than it was previously.  I do have one regret about being "cured": I always enjoyed my physiotherapy sessions at Active Life, and miss having them!”
-Michael Doherty, Barrister & Solicitor, B.A., M.A., LL.B., M.Jur.

"Just returned from our short camping trip down to Mt. Ranier and the Oregon Coast. We had a great time and did some relatively long hikes. It was so good to get out and walk miles and not be subjected to pain. As I said when I had my last appointment, the combination of your various treatments, firstly for my shoulder and then my knee, have made a "New Man" out of me. It is so good to get back to really enjoying our favourite activities, and even doing routine things around the house comfortably. Thank you so much for your professional care."
-Derek Phillips.

Contact us today for Physiotherapy Services in Canmore or by remote access video conferencing with our Cloud Go Health partner.

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