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Live Well - Move Well - Eat Well

Work with your Registered Physiotherapist and Dietitian to live well- move well - eat well.

The Only Weight Managment and Medical Exercise Therapy Program on the North Shore with 6 Key Services in One Location

Led by your Registered Health Professionals at Active Life Physiotherapy in North Vancouver & Canmore AB.

"Dietary and lifestyle interventions aimed at decreasing energy intake and increasing energy expenditure through a blalanced dietary and exercise program are an essential component of all weight managment programs" ~ Lau, D et. al. CMAJ April 10, 2007 176(8)

"Tried all the fad diets so it was such a nice change to have a program that taught a healthy lifestyle - and help me reach my goals" ~ K.M.

Do you have sore joints and find it difficult to move or exercise?

Would you like to manage your weight without fad diets?

Have you been diagnosed with a medical condition such as osteoarthritis or diabetes that you are finding difficult to manage?

Your program will include:

  • One hour consultation with Registered Dietitian
  • One hour assessment with Registered Physiotherapist
  • One hour medical screening and coaching session with Registered Physiotherapist
  • Weekly follow up visits with Registered Dietitian and Physiotherapist
  • Customized medical exercise therapy program
  • Online physical therapy guidance to help you reach success with your exercise program
  • Graduation gift upon completion of your program

To get more information and sign up for the program contact Sally Hayes, Registered Dietitian at or call 1-844-987-LIFE (5433)


LINKS and News for your Nutritional Benefit:

Information from Dietitians Canada -Dietitians Promote Health 


Nutrition Coaching Packages

Wondering what to eat before, during and after your competition and while training? 

Are you trying to manage a health condition such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or Celiac disease and just not sure where to start or maybe you feel overwhelmed with all the information available?

As a registered dietitian, I can help by translating the science of nutrition into practical solutions that work for you.

Jump Start package $149 – two one on one sessions 

Get a jump start on your health and wellness goals.  Your eating and lifestyle habits will be assessed to identify which obstacles are blocking your success. You will learn strategies and receive re-sources, specifically tailored to your needs, to launch you on your road to success.

Nutrition Makeover package $259 - four one on one sessions 

A more extensive package to support you in achieving long term changes to your eating habits. Your eating and lifestyle habits will be assessed and your nutrition goals reviewed. You will receive on going nutrition education, based on your needs, and learn practical solutions to the challenges you face to help you achieve your goals

Custom Packages and Sport Nutrition

Pay as you go: $100/hour or $60/ 30 minute follow up. If the above packages are not suited to your needs or if you are interested in a nutrition plan to fuel your performance contact Sally to discuss.



Download: Food Journal - Use eaTracker to check your food and activity choices, analyze your recipes and plan your meals. Also, available as an app for iPhone and Android.


Additional Support 

I offer grocery store tours, recipe makeovers, and meal planning packages.



Extended health plans

Many extended health insurance programs cover the cost of Registered Dietitian services; please check with your provider.



Complimentary session

Contact Sally to book a complimentary 15 minute session.


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