How much stretching is too much with Adhesive Capsulitis?

Adhesive Capsulitis, commonly known as frozen shoulder is characterized by shoulder pain and a of movement. A large part of rehab involves regaining that movement, however, it is important not to push too hard too soon. Frozen shoulder can be broken down into different stages; freezing, frozen and thawing. Each phase has a different short-term goal all working towards a long term goal of full range of motion and return to activities you enjoy.   Phase 1: Freezing – this phase is cha...
Posted on 2018-09-27

What is Morton's Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma is a condition characterized by a pain or numbness to the bottom of one’s foot, that may be exacerbated with tight-fitting shoes or prolonged weight bearing. The pain is often located on the ball of the foot either between the 2nd and 3rd toes or the 3rd and 4th toes. While the term neuroma indicates a tumour or growth, Morton’s neuroma is associated with nerve entrapment due to a fibrous overgrowth, caused by repetitive irritation and inflammation of the sheat...
Posted on 2018-08-25

Multisport and Race Posts

Multisport and Race Posts
In keeping with one of our core values – “to create a positive and energetic environment that provides a strong sense of community for endurance athletes and providers”, in 2008 we formed the ACTIVELIFE MULTISPORT CLUB  Mission StatementTo bring women together who enjoy exercising in the outdoors.  To foster a safe place for women to develop their skills, try new activities, and inspire others.  To build a strong sense of community by supporting local races a...
Posted on 2015-01-06