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In keeping with one of our core values – “to create a positive and energetic environment that provides a strong sense of community for endurance athletes and providers”, in 2008 we formed the


Mission Statement

To bring women together who enjoy exercising in the outdoors.  To foster a safe place for women to develop their skills, try new activities, and inspire others.  To build a strong sense of community by supporting local races and outdoor activities as well as providing team support. 

Club Goals

  • To foster a safe and inspiring environment for women to get involved in outdoor activities
  • To create a positive and energetic environment for female athletes to meet, exercise and train together
  • To promote an active lifestyle through the involvement in local multi-sport events
  • To be excellent ambassadors of fit outdoor women in the community of North Vancouver


  • Mountain Biking
  • Road Cycling
  • Trail Running
  • Adventure Racing

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Meet our Team DirectorsBattle for Bond Report - August 24th

Squamish50 - 50 Mile Trail Race

By Kathy McKay

I was looking so forward to running the Squamish50 50miler and it definitely didn’t disappoint!  Despite being totally exhausted and bonking at least 5 times (a new PB), and despite the (friendsly?) curses that several other runners were making towards the race organizers, all I could think when I crossed the line was “I can’t wait to do that again!”

As I mentioned in my previous race reports, this year I was coming off of injuries and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to ramp up in time for Squamish50.  I honestly didn’t care how well I did, I just wanted to be able to play on that course.  Things had been going quite well but a week before the race my leg and back decided to test my patience.  Luckily Deanna at Activelife worked her magic again and my body held together on race day far better than I could have hoped for.  Actually, in general it was an ideal day: I feared it would be a sun scorcher but we ended up with clouds about 65% of the way, I started bonking only 35kms into the race (ok, that wasn’t ideal) but managed to stay calm and come back enough to still enjoy the crazy technical downhills (my favorite part), my good friend Ramsey doing the 50km race caught me on the second major climb and we ran the last 20km together (except for the final km where he pulled of a 4 minute split!), and my other good friend Sammy appeared at the top of Crumpit Woods and his notorious smile carried me to the end.

In many ways Squamish50 is very symbolic of my entire year.  It was filled with amazing trails (thank you Jeff and Gary for such a stellar race!) and amazing friends (I’m sorry because I honestly can’t even begin to list the number of people I have said thank you to this year for sharing a fantastic day).  Like I said, I can’t wait to do it again!

Battle for Bond Report - August 24th

By KJ Sadler

On August 24, myself and a few friends took part on the Battle for Bond women's enduro race in Whistler. This was the first time I had ever done an enduro race, and the first event I have done since having a baby in March.

The enduro race had 5 timed sections which were mostly downhill, and the sections connecting those trails were not timed, nor was there an overall time. The goal of the race was to get a lot of women out riding, to have a lot of fun, and raise money for the Howe Sound Women's Centre. 

The race was a lot of fun. The trails were not for the faint at heart, there were definitely some technical sections, especially on a little xc bike.

I felt pretty good on most of the downhills, some of them I was just riding for the first time, the others I had only ridden once before. 

My body felt pretty good overall given it was probably one of the longest rides I'd been on since last year. My strength is slowly coming back, as is the confidence on the technical trails.

I have been going to Active Life Physiotherapy and the gym to help get my core strength back. My lower back is still unstable and I think it will take some time before it's solid but I was pretty happy to be at least back on the bike. It was a great event, the volunteers were amazing, and everybody seemed to be having a lot of fun.

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Report -- Trans Rockies Race 2013

By Heather King

Stage One:

The sun was coming up, the air was crisp and you could feel the race energy as the first day of the Trans Rockies – Four Day stage race was about to begin.  We were in Blairmore, Crows Nest Pass for the start of stage one with 1200 metres of climbing.  We had a neutral start as the race began with a climb for a good couple of hours with the final peak being ascended with a hike a bike.  The climb was steep and rutted out with the recent floods.  We were rewarded with some amazing views and some sweet single track down to the finish.   This was the first race on the new Niner – which was awesome for the climb and rocky descents.  Just a little tricky navigating the tight switchbacks..  The evening was spent at a lovely bed and breakfast with some fellow racers.  No camping by the train tracks this year meant for some needed rest before stage 2 as the day had started early with a 3.5 hour drive to the start! 

Stage Two:

We were awoken to more sunshine for our longest stage with 1800 metres of climbing.   My super enthusiastic race support crew, Mikey Mike,  was ready to go – getting my bike ready and fuel for the day ahead!   We were off with a neutral start that saw the pack get strung out pretty quick with the  single track starting early in the day.  The day was heating up and my lungs were not happy with the dry air so the climb was on the slower side but provided some time to take in the stunning views!   Day two finished on the same sweet descent as stage one and second place was secured for the day.  The day was not quite over as there was a 3.5-hour drive back to Canmore to avoid this drive before stage three.

Stage Three:

My friend Martha and race support crew drove me out to the start in K-Country for the stage three start, which would provide another day of epic views.  The day started on some gravel roads and then some rolling single track before settling into the long hike a bike.  There must have been about 5 km of hiking with our bikes to get to the peak.  It seemed like it anyway!  Fortunately, I was around some jokers in the pack who kept the climb fun!  I did not find the ice cream they were talking about at the top of the climb.  Apparently, the ride is normally done in the opposite direction!  The descent was quick and there was some rolling single track before the finish on pavement but not before some hiking in waist deep water.  I was fortunate to get pulled along to the finish in a group as the skies opened up and the rain came down hard.   Late day results revealed I was still secure in second with 2.5-hour gap on third place.

Stage Four

This was it – the last day of the official Trans Rockies in its traditional format.  The race started in DeadMan’s Flat and took us through to the Canmore Nordic Centre to finish on Main Street in Canmore.   We were lucky as the heavy rain held off for the time trial format for the last stage of the race.  I caught up to some riders ahead and tried to hang on in the slick conditions.  Navigating the conditions was certainly easier when I took some air out of the tires. The sun peaked through as I tried to get my legs to push the pedals faster to the finish where I was greeted with some friends and the gang from whose office was just by the finish line.  It was a beautiful event and I was very fortunate to have some great support and to connect some wonderful people.   The banquet in the evening wrapped up the event and I secured a second place finish overall with some money to spend for a race entry next year in any Trans Rockies event.  So, if you would like to do some racing let me know!   Thanks for reading – get out on your bike!  As Niner says Pedal Damnit – which was so aptly displayed on my bike.

Staying Active in Life!  Heather King, Registered Physiotherapist, Active Life Physiotherapy Owner,

DScPT Candidate and Mountain Bike Enthusiast – in no particular order. 

Report -- Survival of the Fittest

By Kathy McKay

I was off for a lot of the winter because of injuries, but thanks to my amazing Active Life physios I’m ahead of where I thought I would be.  In an attempt to ramp up for the Squamish50 trail run in August, I therefore thought it would be great to do the Survival of the Fittest 18km race that takes place on similar trails. 

I must admit that going into the race I was a little concerned that its name would prove to be true and that I’d learn I didn’t have very good survival skills.  Historically I always seem to get caught up in the adrenalin rush of the first race of the year and go out too hard.  Sure enough history repeated itself.

The race started at Quest University on a beautiful Squamish day.  The course was absolutely fantastic!  A true Gary Robbins course – tons of technical single track, tons of variety, tons of overall great trail.  I felt amazing going up the first long climb but started to click into the fact that I had started to hard about halfway up.  I eased up my pace but it was too late – the second half of the race already had “pain” written all over it!  With amazing consistency, my friend Pat reeled me in on the climb and although I tried I couldn’t quite stick with him on the second half.  To add to the pain factor was a long climb on the second half that weaved back and forth through open brush under the direct sun.  That visor I forgot to put on at the start sure would have been nice! 

Despite the struggle on the second half I somehow managed to hold on to my place as first female – a pretty nice boost of confidence (and a fantastic gift certificate from NSA too)!

After the race Pat and I headed out for some extra fun and made our way backwards on the Squamish50 course.  It wasn’t exactly a fast run, but it sure was a fun one!  By the time we got in our 5 hour total for the day we were dreaming of what we’d be eating and drinking, and it sure was a treat to find the Quest cafeteria open.  I pretty much took a shower in the sink I was so hot and tired!

It was such an amazing day.  Everyone at the race was in such great spirits and having so much fun.  I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and have so many great friends (ones who find trudging around in the trails for hours as much fun as I do)!

Report on Triathalon@Victoria 1/2 Ironman

by Deanna McMullen

After a three year hiatus from triathlon I decided to make my comeback race on one of my favorite courses-The Victoria ½ Ironman.

The swim was a mass start with over 300 other athletes. I managed to settle in and relax after the chaos of the first 500m where you ask yourself several times why you are doing this and contemplate quitting.

I was pleased when I exited the water in 33 minutes and made my way to transition 1.  With my first time in a wet suit since IM Canada 2010  TI was a disaster taking me twice as long as it should; my husband later asked if I had stopped for coffee!

 I finally made it out of T1 and relaxed into a 2hr 35 mins. bike ride over 87km of steep rolling hills through the Saniche countryside. 

Transition 2 was much smoother and I felt surprisingly good as I started the two loop run course on the trail around Elk Lake.

Finishing the ½ marathon in 1 hr 30mins; I was elated to cross the finish line in 4hr43mins; the top amateur female and fourth overall.


Stay tuned for 2015 for more happenings from the multisport group and ambassador program!