Services at our Canmore physiotherapist office:

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Active Life Physiotherapy caters to everyone including: athletes, the elderly, pre- or post-natal women, people with arthritis, those looking to improve their balance, post surgical clients, and many more.  If you are not sure if physiotherapy is right for you, please contact us to discuss your condition first.  You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist. Before your first visit we ask that you complete your medical history in your online portal. On your first visit you will recieve a thorough examination of your injured body part and any other areas that may be related to your injury. 

Your physiotherapist will then explain your condition and discuss a treatment plan with you and your expected length of recovery.  Treatment may consist of exercise, manual therapy, ultrasound or other electrotherapy, acupuncture, and education on how to manage your condition.  Your physiotherapist will communicate with any relevant health care practitioners when necessary.  Please bring appropriate clothing to your visit (i.e., shorts if you have injured any part of your lower extremity or back, and a tank top or bra top if you have injured your shoulder, neck, or mid-back). 

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Core Stability & Functional Strength Course

Who: those looking to improve their core strength and overall body strength, either after injury or to improve performance.  Endurance athletes concerned about injury prevention and developing efficient functional movement patterns. 

What: A progressive and challenging group strength training course consisting of eight 1-hour weekly sessions. Reduce your chance of injury and improve your athletic performance by addressing your core strength and developing safe and appropriate functional movement patterns and postures! The course is designed and instructed by Active Life Physiotherapy's own expert Registered Physiotherapists.  Maximum number of participants = 10 ... sign up early to avoid disappointment! Participants will receive an e-mail link of course exercises and will be assigned "homework" exercises weekly to help keep you on track.  Cost $175

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Active Life Physiotherapy offers a variety of rehabilitation braces by ThermoSkin and Swede-O. We carry a wide selection of ankle, knee, wrist, and elbow braces, as well as compression garments and knee unloader braces.  Individual brace fitting is available by appointment. 

Pre- and Rehabilitation Healthy Joint Program

Available on request, please contact the clinic to set up an individualized program. 

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Video Gait Analysis

Are you a runner? Walker? Triathlete? Do you want to improve your speed and reduce the likelihood of injury?  Then an individual video gait analysis is for YOU!

A skilled runner has a cadence of 90 strides per minute.  In a 30-minute run, each foot will hit the ground 2700 times each with a ground reaction force of about 2x body weight! Due to the repetitive nature and high impact of running it’s not surprising the rate of overuse injuries in runners is high.  Poor technique, mal-alignment and muscle imbalance are often at the root of running injuries. Often, what appears to be a simple foot problem, can be related to a dysfunction further up the kinetic chain, say in the knee, hip, or pelvis.  Our physiotherapists are experienced runners and movement specialists and are up-to-date on the current running research.  Our analysis starts with an individual assessment of your training program and goals, footwear, alignment, muscle balance and mechanics.  On the treadmill, we will analyze your entire gait pattern, not only your feet, from all angles.  Using video analysis, you will be able to see any anomalies. You will receive feedback on your gait, exercise prescription and shoe recommendations to improve your efficiency and reduce your chance of injury. Please allow one hour and bring shorts, T-shirt and running shoes. 

Technically sound, well-balanced runners are efficient and effective.  Our goal is to keep you running longer, stronger, and injury–free.

*note: many extended health plans cover physiotherapy services, including gait analysis

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FUNctional Movement Screen

Do you want to perform better?  Do you want to free of aches and pains?  Then a FUNctional Movement Screen (FMS) i- Your Mobility Check Up s for YOU!

When a car’s wheels are “out of alignment” the tires wear unevenly and eventually affect performance unless the alignment is fixed.  Just like a car, the human system will alter its movement patterns in the presence of weakness, tightness, mal-alignment, or in the presence of pain. Over time, this results in clinically observed impairments such as decreased range of motion, muscle length changes, and declines in strength.

The Functional Movement Screen is a comprehensive individual assessment of your body to:

  • Discover hidden weaknesses and asymmetries
  • Prevent injury and promote durability
  • Build balanced fitness
  • Magnify your potential

The assessment incorporates various tests including posture, muscle balance, joint-specific flexibility, core strength, body awareness/proprioception and endurance. The Physiotherapist –a movement specialist- will relate the test findings to your sport and physical demands Your physiotherapist will develop an athlete-specific treatment plan to optimize your performance and prevent injuries with the goal of creating symmetry and optimal movement patterns. This customizable assessment is based on the screening tool used for the BC provincial teams and a research-based, reliable screen by Gray Cook, Physiotherapist.  Please allow one hour and bring shorts and a T-shirt. 

Note: Our FMS can be done for individual athletes, or for an entire team.  It is designed for both novice and elite athletes from any sport. Our physiotherapists would be happy to communicate our findings to coaches and trainers upon request.

*note: many extended health plans cover physiotherapy services including a FMS.

"You cannot build fitness on dysfunction." - Gray Cook

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Custom Bike Fit Analysis

Do you want to improve your cycling performance and efficiency while reducing pain and the likelihood of injury?  Then a custom-tailored bike fit analysis by a Registered Physiotherapist is for YOU!

The rate of overuse injuries in cyclists is high due to the repetitive nature of cycling. The smallest amount of malalignment, whether due to extrinsic factors, such as incorrect bike fit and technique errors, or intrinsic factors, such as the rider’s biomechanical faults and muscle imbalances, can easily lead to overuse injuries. Poor technique and mal-alignment will affect your performance and put you at risk of injury. Our Physiotherapists have been certified by BikeFit Systems, and have been fitting riders and bikes including road, mountain, commuter, and triathletes for many years, including National Team athletes. 

Your ULTIMATE CUSTOM BIKE FIT analysis will include:

  • Dynamic video analysis of your riding position from front, back and side perspectives
  • Examination of the pedal/foot interface, and the knee, hip, trunk, shoulder, elbow and wrist alignment using laser light, plumb lines and/or video technology
  • Physiotherapy assessment of your specific muscle flexibility, strength and postural alignment
  • The necessary mechanical adjustments to achieve optimal positioning
  • Instruction on riding technique
  • Specific exercise prescription with online access to your personal video exercise database
  • A written summary of the bike fit analysis

 Please allow one hour and bring your bike, cycling shorts, and your cycling shoes.

*note: many extended health plans cover physiotherapy services, including bike fit analysis

Solestar Cycling Orthotic

Would you like to improve your power when riding your bike?  Do you have discomfort in your hip, knee or foot when riding?  The Solestar Orthtoic could be for you. 

 Fee: $350

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Nutrition Coaching

Meeting with a Registered Dietitian can help you with many aspects of health and nutrition such as:

  • Learn what to eat before, during and after your competition and while training. 
  • Management of health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or Celiac disease.
  • Help you meet your weight management and nutrition goals. Includes practical solutions to daily challenges encountered in meeting these goals.

Additional support is available such as grocery store tours, recipe makeovers and meal planning packages.
Many extended health insurance plans cover the cost of Registered Dietitian services. Various packages are available as well as some pay as you go options.

Find out more or book a complimentary 15 minute consultation. - Use eaTracker to check your food and activity choices, analyze your recipes and plan your meals.  Also, available as an app for iPhone and Android.

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Mental Performance

Our Mental Performance Consultant is professionally trained and educated and has a wealth of experience both personally as a competitive athlete and professionally as a Mental Performance Consultant.

A Mental Performance Consultant can be a great help in the development of self-determined motivation in athletes, coach-athlete communication, maintaining balance as an athlete, performing consistently under pressure and self-awareness in the achievement of optimal performance.

Individuals, teams and coaches can all benefit from consultations. A variety of sports such as long and short track speed skating, all cycling disciplines, biathlon, cross-country skiing and paralympic goal ball are examples of who our Mental Performance Consultant has helped in the past.

Find out more.

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